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Print Size: 12”x8”, 18”x12”, 24”x18” or 30”x20” in paper, canvas or metalprints (custom sizes available upon request)


An image of the Milky Way spread out across the sky above Old Lighthouse Beach at Cape Hatteras. I almost didn't make the trip to this spot. This was the end of a weekend spent over on Ocracoke fishing with one of my sons and my father. We didn't have much luck and the weather hadn't been great so I almost skipped Hatteras altogether. 


It came down to not being able to get on a ferry from Ocrocoke back to the mainland. The only way out was Hatteras so we went. I scouted around a bit and really didn't like the looks of the spot I wanted to shoot so my son and I ended up here, at Old Lighthouse Beach. He wasn't happy about being awakened 30 mins after he fell asleep and he spent most of his time out here wrapped up in a blanket, sleeping a few feet away from me.


I shot for a while and then climbed the dune to see if I could get a decent composition up there and I got my favorite images of the night. I did run over to the lighthouse and to Ramp 44 but nothing I got there gives me the feeling of being there like this image does. I look at it and I can feel the breeze, hear the surf and see the beams from the lighthouse sweeping the sand in front of me. I can't wait for my next trip out.


***Other sizes and print options are available at request.***

Old Lighthouse Beach - Cape Hatteras, NC (2023)

PriceFrom $35.00
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