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I photograph the night sky

I am a landscape photographer from Florence, SC who specializes in night-scape images. I began photography as a hobby in my late teens using a full manual film camera my Dad gave me. In the past few years I has taken my hobby to a new level with landscape astro-photography.

I try very hard to capture images of the night sky that others may never get a chance to see. My images feature the Milky Way, Moon, planets, constellations and various other stars. Living on the East Coast of the United States often makes finding dark skies a challenge.

I am a husband and a father of 3 very active boys as well as a full-time law enforcement officer.



Christopher Neal


  • 2022 Artfields Competition Artist

  • 2021 Share The Experience 3rd Place

  • 2020 Artfields Competition Artist

  • 2019 Black Creek Arts - Best in Category - Annual Photography Competition

  • 2019 Blue Ridge Arts - Merit Award - Annual Photography Competition

  • 2018 Artfields Competition Artist

  • 2018 Blue Ridge Arts - Best in Show - Annual Photography Competition

  • 2018 - Black Creek Arts - Best in Category - Annual Photography Competition

Many people spend their whole lives in cities, surrounded by lights, never really experiencing the night sky.

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