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The ULA Delta IV Heavy launch was a must see for me. As much as I've enjoyed the Falcon 9's I've watched go up so far this one felt like it was going to be special. It would be the 2nd to the last launch of this vehicle so if I wanted to see it, now was the time.


The way it was supposed to work out was we would drive to Canaveral on Sunday, watch a SpaceX launch at 6pm then hang around Titusville for a couple of days to catch the ULA launch on Wednesday. 


At 2am on Wednesday morning my alarm went off and I checked my phone to make sure the launch was on track, it was not. The notification was postponed for 24 hours. That's the way it goes with rocket launches. I spent the next hour trying to go back to sleep wondering what I was going to do. Do I stay another day? I'd already been gone for 4. Do I just go home? I've already put alot into this and I hate to quit before it's done.


When I got up I talked to my wife, moved a couple of things at work, found another hotel room and stayed one more day. Man was it worth it! It was brighter, louder and longer that any of the other ones I've seen so far. I'm really proud of this image.


Print Size: 12”x8”, 18”x12”, 24”x18” or 30”x20” in paper, canvas or metalprints (custom sizes available upon request)

***Other sizes and print options are available at request.***

Delta IV Heavy Rocket Launch - Cocoa Beach, FL (2023)

PriceFrom $35.00
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