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Finding Treasures

The past few years I have frequently set a hectic pace for myself. There were months that I was gone 2 or 3 weekends, camping, fishing or chasing the Milky Way. I have enjoyed it but it came with some downsides. One was sometimes only having a few days to process images before I went out and got a whole new set. As a result there have been images that never got finished or shared.

The image above was captured in September of 2022 and it has just been languishing in my catalog ever since. I did stack it but that was where the processing stopped. Looking back I realize that September had trips to the Outer Banks for Milky Way and Cataloochee Valley for the elk rut. So a lot of images got shot.

I'm putting together 2024 calendar and this has NOT been a good year for shooting Milky Way so I'm looking back to 2022 for images I might want to use. I couldn't believe that I had overlooked this one. The sky has a bit more clouds than I wanted and I don't usually like to shoot when the moon is up but for this composition it seems to work.

Things seem to have slowed down for the moment, so I've spent a little time reprocessing a few images. It would be nice to keep finding these treasures but I really hope I get some clear skies soon. There are a couple of rocket launches coming up but I really miss being out under the stars.

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