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Sunday Hikes with the Boys

Hiking, Camping & Fishing Stories from Sunday's and more with the Boys.

Years ago I started taking my sons on hikes, usually on Sunday's, to get them out of the house and experience some new places. As they got older the hikes turned into camping, fishing trips and photography trips. Lately the older 2 (1 in high school and 1 just graduated) don't make it quite as often as they used to but I'm still able to drag them along from time to time. In this blog you'll find stories of our current trips as well as some from years past. I hope you enjoy reading about them a fraction as much as we enjoyed doing them.

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Some of the images above are available as prints or are included in my yearly calendars. Please visit my shop by following the link below. If you don't see an image you are interested in please let me know and I will make it available.

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