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One of my favorite images from the August 1st Cygnus NG-19 Antares launch. Just imagine the kind of raw power it takes to lift the more than 16,000lbs of rocket and payload off the ground and accelerate it to over 17,000mph. It's no wonder rocket launches are so captivating to watch.⁠ 


The first stage is a fueled by a mix of RP-1(kerosene) and LOX(liquid oxygen), the blue flame comes from the ignition of residual oxygen. 


Print Size: 10”x8”, 14”x11”, 20”x16” or 30”x24” in paper, canvas or metalprints (custom sizes available upon request)


***Other sizes and print options are available at request.***

Raw Power - Wallops Island, Va (2023)

PriceFrom $35.00
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