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Weekly Photography Tips - Foreground

One crucial but often overlooked part of landscape photographs is the foreground. We tend to focus on the subject and what's behind but pay little attention to what's directly in front of the camera.

In the image above shot on the beach at the south end of Ocracoke Island, NC I was able to use interesting foreground to distract from the fact that was very little interest in the sky. As the sun began to set I realized that if I dropped the camera low to the ground I could create the effect of rolling dunes from a surprisingly small area of smooth, windswept sand..

This image from Pawleys Island, SC is another where I was able to use patterns in the foreground to help draw the viewer in an push their gaze up towards the Milky Way.

When you are composing your shots make sure you pay attention to the foreground. It should be free of distractions and help not hinder your image. You can use camera height to leverage the foreground.

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