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Slipping Away

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina is a special place, I have memories of vacations with family and fishing trips with my Dad that go back 50+ years. This image was captured on fishing trip just after Thanksgiving that I took with one of my sons.

We were fishing on the south end of the island, as I have done countless times before. We caught several flounder and my son caught a nice little blue fish all on his own. Just before we packed up I setup my camera to capture that moment that the last rays of sunlight slip slowly below the horizon and the stars begin to shine brightly.

I tend to get nostalgic and reflect on my life when I'm in a place like this doing the things that I love. I'm struck by the beauty and the sounds of the ocean help to quiet my mind and focus it on how thankful I am for all that I have and all that I've been able do. These precious brief moments are magical and the older I get the more I value them. It's because of them I can almost feel time slipping away.

Through my photography I'm able to capture a bit of these moments. Not only so that I can be transported back each time I see them but so that I can share them with others. There is a whole world out there that needs to be experienced. Life isn't the day to day grind that we all endure, it's those unique moments that are lived with the ones we care about. Those moments that will exist in memory long after we are gone.

I hope that my images inspire you to go out and find some moments of your own. Life is the spaces in between what you do everyday. Make sure your kids remember you, not for the things that you gave them but for the moments that you experienced together.

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