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Piping in the Dawn

I've had some unique experiences out photographing nightscapes, wildlife, sunrises and sunsets and last week I had one that jumped to the top of the list. Sunrise is my least favorite type of image to try and capture because it requires getting out of a nice warm bed very early. I was out of town at a conference and despite the fact that it was only a short walk to the beach it was all I could do for force myself to get up and go out there.

While I was walking out I saw a friend up ahead who was walking out as well. Instead of a camera he had his bagpipes. Every year he pipes open our conference and instead of disturbing his neighbors he was headed out to the beach to tune his pipes and practice a bit.

We chatted as we walked out and once on the beach I began to setup my camera and began to play. I captured some images and then quietly moved around behind him for some very unique shots. I was captivated by the clouds, light and the amazing sound of his pipes. From now on I will be listening to that nagging inner voice that tells me to get up and get out there.

Bagpipes at sunrise.

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