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The Inner Planets and the Pleiades

After a second look at the hundreds of images I captured on June 24th on the beach at Pawleys Island for the Planetary Parade I managed to find one of all the inner planets and the Pleiades thrown in for good measure. This images was captured around 5am, moments after astro-twilight, when sunlight breaks the horizon but stars are still visible in the sky.

The photograph has Mercury in the bottom left corner just above the clouds. Up and to the right, peeking out of the clouds is Venus and above and to the left is the Seven Sisters Star Cluster also know at the Pleiades. Higher up and to the right is our moon, acting as our stand-in for the parade. Finally above and to the right of the Moon is the last of the inner planets, Mars.

Above is an image with labels to you where everything is.

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