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Drawing to a Close

Fall is in the air which means that the for me Milky Way season is drawing to a close. The galactic core is now vertical, has moved over to the west and is visible for less than 2 hours. In about a month it will be gone until gone until the middle of January 2023.

I have struggled a bit this year with finding clear skies on nights that I was able to get out and capture images. There were several months that I wasn't able to do any nightscape shooting at all. In fact I had more or less resigned myself to being done for the year. However this past Thursday night while I was out of town for a conference a short window opened up at Oak Island so I headed out.

Oak Island is one of the great dark sky spots on the North Carolina coast that as luck would have it faces south instead of east. That means that late in the season the Milky Way is still out over the ocean. I spent a few hours at the Oak Island Lighthouse and managed to get some shots before the clouds moved back in and ended my night. The bright light under the Milky Way is the bulk carrier Lady Doris at anchor off of Wilmington.

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