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Day to Night Transitions

Here at the end of Milky Way season the galactic core is now visible in the southwestern skies and is actually close enough to the direction of the setting sun that it's possible to capture a day to night transition image. One of the few composites that I do it's a combination of a sunset shot and a shot of the Milky Way just as the sky become dark enough to see it.

This year I tired in the dunes at the Oak Island Lighthouse but clouds kept me from getting the sunset or Milky Way shots I was looking for. A couple of nights later the sky was clear so I headed by out and decided to try my luck at the Lockwood Folly Inlet end. It had been awhile since I had been there but I managed to find a spot and get the images I needed.

I've captured a couple of these images over the past few years and I kind of enjoy it. I have shots Sunset Beach, Oak Island, the Blue Ridge Parkway and SC Sandhills.

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