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Beauty From The Damage

I really don't capture that many images of the Pawleys Island Pier. It has a series of lights that are on all night making it almost impossible for me to get the really dark shots of the Milky Way I prefer. I do spend a good bit of time on the north end shooting and have a few sunrise images of it that I like.

When I was shooting at Pawleys last month I realized that because of the damage to the pier from Hurricane Ian the lights were no longer on. I found myself at the pier on Saturday morning after spending some time on the south end and decided to see what I could capture,

It was cold, dark and quiet and I had my camera setup just as the first hint of dawn began to glow on the horizon. I know we all miss the pier in it's complete form and hopefully it will be restored soon but I was able to capture some magic made possible by the damage.

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