What To Look For In The Night Sky - July 2022

Updated: Jul 1

Warm summer nights are the perfect time to get out under the stars and observe the night sky. Full moon, planetary conjunctions, meteor shower and the Milky Way will all be on display.

Super Moon

July 13th will be the 2nd and final Super Moon of the year. The rising full moon will appear approximately 7% larger than a normal full moon. Make sure you get out that and see it or better yet capture some images of it.

Moon and Planet Conjunctions

On July 15th Saturn will but close to a waning, almost full Moon. July 19th will be Jupiters turn to cozy up to the waning gibbous Moon. Two days later on July 21st Mars will be close to the now crescent Moon. On July 26th, the brightest of the planets, Venus, will be near the now very small crescent Moon. Finally on July 29th Mercury, the most elusive of the inner planets will be close to the now tiny, 1% showing, new Moon.

Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower

The Delta Aquariids Meteor shower will be visible between July 12th and August 23rd. The best nights for viewing are July 30th and 31st when the shower reaches is peak. This will be shortly after the new moon so skies should be very dark. Look to the southeast after 10pm and then to the south as the night goes on.

The Milky Way

The Milky Way and Galactic Center are currently visible from the end of astro-twilight, sometime between 945p and 10p each evening, depending on the position of the moon. It begins as an arc across the horizon and will end up vertically as it slowly sinks below in the early morning hours. These warm summer months are prime viewing of the Milky Way.

Get Out Under The Stars

Wether it's manmade fireworks or the natural kind July is shaping up to be one of the best months to get outside at night. Make sure you pack some bug spray and remember to keep those lights turned off on the beach, sea turtle nesting season is in full swing. Please check out some of my great new night sky images in my Shop.

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