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Not So Fast


Not So Fast

Say it ain’t so Apple

There is a big debate in the photography community about which platform is best to post processing on, Mac or Windows. I am firmly in the Mac camp, have been for about 10 years now. Currently most of my image post processing is done on one of two 15in 2012 MacBook Pros, one at home one at the office.

I recently decided it was time to replace my 2009 21.5in iMac that had developed a hardware problem after 9 years of service. (You show me a PC that can boast that kind of performance, but I digress.) It started failing last year causing me to have to pull a semi retired MacBook Pro out.

After a bit of research I was able to find a price match deal at BestBuy for a 2019 21.5in iMac with 4k Retina display. I brought it home, set it up and started working. It quickly became apparent that despite having a much newer, faster processor since it only had 8gb of RAM it was no match for the older machine it was bought to replace.

Like I had done with most of my other Macs, I check out what type of RAM it needed and got it ordered and on the way. RAM upgrades for all of the Macs I had had up until now were a simple matter but not so fast with the new one.

Once the RAM arrived I started looking at the back of the machine only to find that there was no door to pop open or screws to remove. Some research revealed the only way to upgrade it was to unseal the screen and start rooting around on the inside of the thing. Having just paid over a grand for it I decided that was bad idea.

The only way to get it done was to take it to an Apple Certified Service Center and the only one that would even consider touching it was 2 hours away. A couple of phone calls and a Saturday afternoon drive and I found myself at the Apple Store being informed that they couldn’t install RAM I didn’t buy from them and it would cost over $600 purchase some and get it done.

Sooo….long story long, I took the iMac back to BestBuy after only 7 days and now I’m left to either take my chances on a refurbished model for order what I want directly from Apple at full Apple prices.

Be forewarned, if you are in the Mac camp and are looking to purchasing a new model they CANNOT be upgraded once you get it home. No more increasing the RAM or hard drive capacity yourself, Apple has decided they would rather you not work on your own computer anymore.

Christopher Neal