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Night Sky Workshops

Across the Dunes

Night sky photography requires that you take the camera out of auto exposure and focus and switch to manual. I will show you how to find the best exposure and how to focus at night. I will cover my workflow and explain why I do some of the things do and help you work towards establishing your own. I will cover basic composition and show you how to apply them in the dark. We will shoot for several hours so that I can work with each of you until you are comfortable with the basics.

What You Will Need - 

DSLR Camera w/Manual capability

Wide angle lens - 24mm or less

Sturdy tripod


Jacket - Gloves (warm clothing)

Off camera shutter release -(optional)

Just about any DSLR will do, if you have any questions about your particular camera please let me know ahead of time. I would STRONGLY recommend you spend a little time with your camera and manual so that you understand how to switch out of the auto modes and adjust ISO. Each camera is different and if it’s one I’m not familiar with it will take extra time to help you figure it out, that’s extra time you could be shooting.

Where We Meet- TBD

Post Processing - A large component of night sky photography is post processing. It won’t be possible to cover this topic during the workshop so I will do a live online post processing tutorial one night the week following using images that we captured.

Cost for this workshop is $125 and you can secure your spot with a $50 deposit. If you have any questions please feel free to email or message me.

July Night Sky Workshop

Private Night Sky Workshop

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